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We at StacheLapser have enjoyed participating in Movember for a number of years. In this generally mustacheless society, it gives us an excuse to see what our staches would say about our manhood left un bridled. Afterall, unless you drive a primered, windowless van, or are playing a role in Parks and Rec, you havenít seen what that dirty lip carpet has to say about you since you were a teenager.

Movember donations and awareness are growing every year. We felt we could amplify awareness if we provided a fun, social way for everyone (even non-registered Movemberites and ladies), to express their creativity in this Stache themed cause. StacheLapser was born.

Join us. Download the app, tracking your fluffy lip patch, express your creativity, and enjoy watching StacheLapse animations of your fellow awkward, funny, nasty, and glorious stache farmers.

We love you all, stay classy.
The StacheLapser team